You won't believe what I found...

A lesson in vulnerability

It got me angry.

There must be a way.

Whenever I encounter problems with my business ventures, I automatically assume that someone must have solved the problem. So, I start looking for the solution another person has created to the problem I am facing.

And it has helped thus far. But there are just some solutions that are just too hidden. Here was my problem: I wanted to register a business in the US and I am neither a citizen nor resident. There must be someone who has done that before, I thought.

I knew the answer was somewhere but I just couldn’t find where that somewhere is. So, I did what I know how to do best. I wrote about it. I found a unique angle and exposed my ignorance.

The reason is that I knew people will find the article and correct my notions. But in doing that, they will get me the answers I want. Instead of wasting time looking for the solutions myself, I just get someone who has the solution mad enough to tell me.

And it worked! Before I even published my article, I came across Stripe Atlas while trying to find links for the article. And BOOM! I discovered I could register a business in the US.

When I found that I thought it was just amazing. Then I decided to check whether there are smooth alternatives. And there were! I found Blook and Firstbase.

So I basically went from having no idea, to having options. But it all began by trying to expose my ignorance. Exposing your vulnerability will bring you options you never saw before.

Do yourself some good this week and expose your ignorance.

- David