You are your first business

Many people often think of entrepreneurship as an occupation. Some would even dare classify it as a career. But the truth is that you have been an entrepreneur from the moment you became independent and started making your own decisions.

We are all entrepreneurs of time

Time is God’s gift to everyone, given liberally. You can’t really save it or manage it. You can only spend it wisely. If you are not spending your time wisely, you are failing at your first business. And if you are failing at this first business, it is difficult for any other business of yours to succeed.

Majority think business is about making money. And that is why they are broke. Business is all about spending money.

If you know how to spend money, people and institutions will gladly give you money

This is the real game. If you can trade time well, you will do great trading money.

Let this pill cure something

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