When your customer decides to quit...

I had a very interesting experience recently.

I got fascinated by a blog and then subscribed to the newsletter. I thought what I would get was an ebook, which the title sounds so appealing. It turns out to be an article that I could have gotten access to without my email.

Nevertheless, I decided to give them a chance. The next day, I saw 3 emails from the blog in my inbox. The content of the mails were all showcasing the articles on their site. There was no indication as to whether they are new or old. So, I decided to unsubscribe.

To my greatest surprise, they found a way to turn my decision around even though I know their system is automated

The message went like this (my paraphrase):

“We know we haven’t performed up to your expectation. We are sorry and indeed take responsibility for the flaws. Give us one more chance to make this right”

There were two options, to stay subscribed or to unsubscribe. After reading that message, I felt obligated to give them one more chance to get it right.

So, you see. When your customer decides to stop doing business with you, right there and then you can still turn the tables over. Claim responsibility for their decision and ask for one more chance to get it right.

- David

P.S. I still went ahead to unsubscribe later from the email list because they didn’t change anything after the “one more chance” I gave them. That’s a discussion for another time.