What will happen in 2020?

The year 2020 is significant for so many reasons. There are quite some notable global events set to take place. There is the Olympics, the US Presidential elections, and many more.

Money is connected to events. For example, the Olympics is going to make some people an insane amount of money. If you have real estate in Tokyo, the Olympics could be a jackpot.

But let’s move to some other matters. The UK elections came as a surprise to many. But that is only the beginning of what started with Brexit and the election of President Trump.

The world is divided right now. And it is going to get more divided in 2020. I predict the impeachment against President Trump will crumble in the senate which will lead to a landslide victory for him in the elections later in the year. And it will lead to more noise from the other side. So, if the news media already pisses you off, get ready to be more pissed off in the next year.

Will things get violent? Even if it’s going to be, it’s unlikely in 2020. We are only going to see signs of whether or not it’s going to happen in 2021.

The next decade is going to be delicate. An economic crash is very unlikely. But the economy of Europe might begin to show some grave cracks. This is given the fact the UK will be negotiating themselves out of the European Union. The UK is already making strides to open its arms of business to the world.

The UK might just be the place to be in 2020 for business. There will be a lot of interesting changes now that PM Boris Johnson finally has his majority. I have set my eyes on London next year. Maybe I will be living in the city at the end of 2020. Just maybe.

What about African countries? Nothing to say. No change. The present will continue indefinitely, I guess. Except something drastic happens and I will not be suggesting any, you can expect nothing new from the African countries.

What’s more to say? Maybe we’ll continue next week.

- David