What happened last Tuesday

How did you miss last Tuesday, David?

I wish it was unintentional. But no, I am too meticulous. I had a lot of things I could have said. But I held back.

The truth is that I wanted to test how you would respond to an anomaly. Don't worry, there is no pass or fail. It is just a lesson for me.

Which brings me to the lesson to you today:

Don't be afraid to look like a fool

I heard somewhere this week that successful entrepreneurs look like a fool to themselves at least once a week. I had my dose last week and it was quite the bomb. Thank God it was a private conversation.

You know that moment when you thought you have met someone important and it blows back to your face. Yeah. It was like that.

Would I stop because of that? No. I will only better my approach. But even the new approach would require testing.

What if the blowback is more severe?

More tweaks, more testing.

What thing are you going to test this week?

Think about it

- David