The breakthrough story of this real estate agent blows my mind every time

Maybe you can learn something from it

A young real estate agent who just got his license set his eyes on a particular rich neighborhood. He tried all kinds of marketing tactics and he kept failing. Not a single client was won. Then something happened.

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The association of people who clean the garbage bins in that street went on strike. And gradually that neat rich neighborhood became dirty. And all the residents were busy people and had no idea how to solve their dirt problem.

You may have heard this story before, but think and listen afresh.

The dirt grew and became very obvious. And this real estate agent saw an opportunity. He didn’t ask anyone. When everyone had gone to work, he went to get a garbage truck to clean up the street. And he told no one.

When the residents returned from their workplace, they were relieved to find their streets cleaned up. And they assumed the strike was over. But they soon turned on the news to see that it was not over. The question then arose; “who cleaned up the street?”

It didn’t take long before the young agent was unmasked as the unsung hero. Some of the residents called him to ask if he did it and he said yes. They offered to pay him money for the service, but the young agent said no. He refused the payment. Instead, he told them that he is a real estate agent and if they ever had any property to sell or desire to buy a property, he would be willing to be their agent.

One by one the residents started calling this agent for his services concerning their real estate needs. And the agent’s business boomed, earning lots of money.

The Lesson

Oftentimes, we are caught up in doing our own thing that we forget that whatever that is our customer’s business is our business too! There is no substitute for caring. Do not say, “That’s not my business”. If it bothers your potential customers it is your business.

Help people clean up their mess and they will become your loyal customers.

Think about how you can apply this to your business.

- David