Nobody will pay you $50K/month unless...

People don't get paid big amounts, they earn it

I was talking to a friend last week. We were discussing how much top global organizations pay their highly skilled workers. It dawned on both of us that it is not a lot of money. How?

We were comparing the amount to choice real estate in good places and it seems even the top earners can’t afford them. Many of these people take a mortgage to afford the home they really want. That made me think about something:

At what stage do you get paid $50K a month?

Just so you know, that is $600K per year. At what stage do people get paid that amount? You know the answer, don’t you?

Those are amounts for people in managerial positions. Rarely, any skill is going to get you to make that. Do you remember the idea in my book about getting rich? Never forget it. How much money you will make is not in proportion to how much work you do. Therefore, if you are paid by your work, you have already been dealt the short end of the stick.

Well, I found out a way to earn $50K a month without 30 years of experience in a Fortune 500 company. And the concept is very simple. Negotiate your pay such that you are paid by results.

If you have a fixed salary and you are on a career ladder, nobody will think of paying you $50K a month until you come very well up the ladder. But a company will be willing to pay you 10% if you help them generate an extra $500K in revenue in a month.

Think about that for a minute.

There must be a way you can apply this principle to what you are doing. Think about it.

Nobody will pay you $50K per month unless you are paid on a commission basis (which is on contract) and you deliver results that get your commission up to that amount.

Have some form of your work or business on a commission basis. This is the key to big money fast.

- David

P.S. I am experiencing these words at the moment “when you begin to move towards your goals, your goals begin to move towards you”. I’ll share more next week.

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