I am rethinking this whole thing ...

What counts for our success in life are not the lessons we learn from our own experiences. Instead, they are the lessons we learned from the experiences of other people.

This is why this newsletter exists. I am on a financial journey. And while I am not where I want to be, I have gone quite far. And the lessons I have picked up along the way, both from my own self and others, I have decided to share in this newsletter.

This is my journey and it is in no way a blueprint or yardstick for you. But you would find clues that will help you on your own financial journey.

My hope is that you will gain clarity and wisdom from what I have to share.

What do you have to gain by subscribing asides the insight? Well, because you will be the first to know about amazing financial opportunities that I find.

It just gives you an extra edge in life.

Things are about to get very interesting here. I’ll be talking about everything finances and my navigation through different financial instruments and zones.

I have a lot to share. Keep an eye out

- David

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