IMPORTANT: Changes for Year 2020

The Housekeeping

Let’s get the important notice out of the way first. I will be streamlining this email list for the new year 2020. What that means is that if you have not opened my emails for over 2 months, then it means it is just a nuisance to you. Even if you don’t want to admit that, I admit it.

If you continue to find my weekly musings interesting, I can see that from my own end. But after next week if you haven’t opened in over 2 months, I’ll remove you from the list. Of course, if you feel the need to get yourself plugged back in, you can join again. But by mid-2020, I will take on this exercise again.

It makes things better for both you and me.

Now to the week’s matter. Let’s get some perspectives about money.

Money! Money!! Money!!!

The school system was designed to keep poor people poor. They give us this erroneous idea that we have to work for money. This is the way slavery is structured in today’s world.

There is honor in work. Everybody should have work. But if you work to earn, you will always be behind the curve. The rich don’t work for money. So, what do the rich do?

  1. The rich ask for money

  2. The rich get money to start working for them

  3. The rich multiply money

Just in case you don’t know, the central banks can issue money out of thin air and credit the account of the top banks (of their respective countries). Now the banks are flush with cash, looking for who can multiply it in value-add.

In 2020, think differently about money. The money you want will not come and meet you where you are. You have to go to where it is. Every day, people that are not as smart as you walk into a bank and walk out with millions, tens of millions and hundreds of millions.

In 2020, you need to be proactive about the game of money. This is what we would be focusing on throughout the year.

For those who are occupied with the thought of starting a business or startup, calm your nerves down. This week I shared a piece on why startups fail. You should read it.

Business and money are two different games. But both enter into the world of the other. In 2020, get conscious about the money game.

For The Millionaire Pill,

2020: Year of the Money

- David