If you want to be rich, stop thinking about solving problems

I suppose you didn’t see this one coming. But oh, it is true.

I was one of those who thought “ideas rule the world”. I believed in the notion of meeting a need and creating a solution. All the entrepreneurial superstars talk about it because that is what sounds good.

Have you wondered why some of these guys willingly share their thought-process about business? Most of them are being honest and kind, but they are not as revealing as you think.

Also, there are a lot of people that are victims of success. They achieved success but they don’t really know how they did it.

Here is the fact:

A lot of problem solvers are broke!

Many solutions created over the years several problems have failed to fly. You know why? It’s because they were thinking of solving a problem.

After you have made money, you can start thinking of creating solutions like Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, and the likes. But before then, you need to focus on something entirely different.

Become a student of the market.

Don’t create a solution, create a market. You see, a great solution can fail to find a market. But when you have a hot market, you can create any product for it and it will fly!

It is one of the things I am doing through this newsletter. I am bringing together a group of people with business interests. I am creating a market. I don’t have a product. I don’t have any product to sell to you. I may in the future and I may not. But the market comes first.

Think about this for your business; how can you create a red-hot, sizzling market for yourself?

- David