I normally don't do this but...

I know, it’s not Tuesday. But I think it’s time this thing gets spiced up.

From now on, I will be sharing special offers on hot business opportunities on my hands that I feel it’s safe to share with you. There will be no schedule for it. It can show up at any time, just like today.

Have you ever heard the saying: it is not the thing, it is the thing that sells the thing.

I had one of those moments recently. And all of a sudden I had this deal on my laps. I’ll share with you how that came about in a few weeks.

But here is the point:

There is a certain region in the Philippines known as Palawan Island. It is home to some of the world’s most iconic natural seascapes and landscapes.

The place is so beautiful. I challenge you to go on YouTube, search Palawan Island and check out the videos. Seriously, do it. Amazing, right?

I found a more interesting fact about the place. In 2015, the island recorded 16,000 tourists the entire year. In 2018, guess what? The number of tourists was over 1 million.

If you are familiar with places like this, then you know how hard it is to get a piece of real estate there. Well, a landowner just agreed to sell a whooping 150,000sqm beachfront. Yes, the beachfront view.

So, I am looking for a buyer. It probably won’t stay long on the market anyway, but I want you my subscribers to be the first set of people to know about this.

And from henceforth, whenever I have opportunities like this, you’ll get the scoop first.

And just so you know, I am not a real estate agent or broker and I don’t intend to be one. I am just a dealmaker on this one. I’ll share the story of how I got into this soon.

If you know someone who would be interested in owning such a lovely place whether for the business of tourism or as private property, just reply. If you are just seeing this and this is already over a week, it’s already too late.

Stay open for opportunities,

- David