I got a good news

I got in touch with a much older person about 8 years ago. We bonded on several fronts and became close friends.

Shortly after, he relocated to another country and I haven’t seen him since. But I kept in touch. I supported him and he supported me. We were there for each other.

A few days back, he linked me up with an important person. And with the way things look, it’s going to be a game-changer. The point I want you to note is that:

It came through a nurtured relationship

How well are you nurturing the vital relationships in your life? When good things want to happen to you, they don’t fall from the sky like rain, they come through vital relationships you have nurtured.

Not every relationship is worth nurturing, but are you aware of the ones you should nurture? Are you calling them or you are expecting them to call you? Are you supporting them or you are angry that they won’t support you?

Always remember this:

Everybody wants something

Be the one that comes up with an answer. Offer to help. Don’t expect them to pay back in kind. And some may never. But those that will return the gesture can do it in multiples.

Not every friend is a friend. Know your partners in destiny and keep them close. Your good news is going to come through one of them.

And yes, you can make new ones. But take your time before you add any new person to the list. More on this later.

- David