I didn't want to recommend this...

Two great videos I have watched more than once

I didn’t want to recommend this because I don’t know how you feel about the people in these videos. I don’t necessarily like or hate them (I have not met them personally, so I don’t know them). I just bond with their truthful message.

Cast aside your preconceived notions if you have any. Your decision to watch these videos is my assumption that you have decided to watch it with an open mind. Not just an open mind, but also a mind that is ready to learn.

Combined, the videos are less than 20 minutes long. But they will shake your mentality. Be prepared for that. Maybe you will have to watch more than once. Maybe more than thrice.

Video 1

Video 2


P.S. I said I was going to share something with you last week. The theory behind it is in this LinkedIn article.