Announcing an amazing way to make money from your knowledge

Oh yes. We are still on our “make money” rampage.

First, you must understand that you must be fully comfortable and committed to whatever you have decided to practice among these ideas.

Personally, there are some things I am not comfortable with. Not because they are bad or illegal but because they do not fit my goals, vision, and story. Most of all, because I have a separate plan already working.

I shared a “dumb” way last week and I’ll share another one today. You can decide whether it is dumb or smart

I have always loved writing and I remember there was a time I was super fixated on getting published. Thank God I didn’t because I knew nothing about marketing then.

Today the information industry is a billion-dollar industry. But in some countries like Nigeria, the market is inexistent because of piracy. Writing a book is almost like a charity. This is because you have no control over the distribution.

Meanwhile, writing a book is one of the great things you can do to distinguish yourself early in the marketplace. And you should be able to make money from it.

So, I have found a way…

Before that, you should know that this works for non-fiction books. Most especially, books that help people go from point A to point B. Do you want sample titles? Maybe later

Here is the secret:

Turn your book into an online course!

There are several platforms such as Udemy, Teachable, and Thinkific to help you structure your course and present it. So, if you have written a book, just turn it into a course. If you have not written any book, just think of creating an online course instead of a book.

Imagine having a $10 course with 20 students each month, that is $200 no sweat income. Let’s say the course is $200 and you have just 5 students per month, that will be $1,000.

I know people in countries like Nigeria are looking at me with the back of their eyes now. I know what you are thinking. Those platforms are not well optimized for your audience. Well, that is what gave birth to this mail in the first place.

Another day of not minding my business led me to a friend working at a company. We were talking about something entirely different. But when she told me about her company I started thinking about it:

Check it out for all those of you in Nigeria. Instead of writing a book that can be pirated, just create a course and you can be sure all your marketing effort will not be reaped by someone else.

Believe me, no one is paying me for this. Maybe I should have asked them to pay for it. Anyway, you are already reading this. That’s just to show you that if I think something is good for you, I don’t have to be paid to share it.

Imagine you have a course at #2,500 and you can muster just 10 students per month. That is #25,000 in revenue. What if you can do 100 students a month? That’s #250,000. See? You can make your non-fiction very profitable.

Does this make any sense to you?

- David

P.S. However, before you go skin-diving into all of these, remember what I shared earlier; create a market before you create a product