How To Get The Money You Need

This is a pretty big subject area. I hope you don’t get disappointed after reading this post because of the simplicity of the answer.

Many people often miss the stuff that works in search of the magical and flashy.

If you will stick to the stuff that works, you would be surprised how consistent your results will be. And the stuff that works is very simple. I love the way Jesus said it:

“Ask and it shall be given unto you”

People don’t get because they don’t ask. And people don’t ask because they are afraid of something. And there you have it; fear keeps you broke!

Whatever amount of money you need today is in the hands of someone. That person will not dream of you and search you in real life to give you money. Instead, you are the one to find that someone.

When it comes to BIG money, only people that asks receives

Yes, there is a way to ask for money. But first get the ball rolling the way you know how. Ask the best way you know how. Then, make it better the next time. Keep making it better as long as you still have people turning you down.

You may ask and not get but you can’t get without asking

Let this pill cure something

Till next time,