How much are you going to earn this month?

You can decide

For most people, if they attempt to answer this question, they either state how much their monthly paycheck is or become completely dumb. How can anyone possibly know how much they are going to earn in a new month? Oh, you can know. In fact, you do know. The problem is that many are not conscious of it.

If I asked you to tell me what your report card was like in your penultimate year of high school (or secondary school), would you remember? Of course, you won’t be able to tell me what your scores were. You would have probably forgotten. But you would remember your strengths and weaknesses. You would remember that you loved maths, or hated chemistry, or you never had a distinction in English, and things like that. With that information, you can create a pretty accurate report card based on your grades without even remembering what the exam was like. That is because it never mattered what the exams were like.

If you were a C student in biology, you knew you were. It doesn’t matter how simple the exam was, you will make a mistake or the rules will change and you will still end up with “YOUR” C.

That is the same way life works. People think good things happen in life as oranges fall from trees. No, it doesn’t happen that way. Bad things happen that way, not good things. You have to expect and anticipate the SPECIFIC good you desire.

Recently, I noticed a slow down in a part of my earnings and I kept wondering what the issue was. Finally, I discovered something very strange. Unlike previous recent months, I had nothing interesting lined up to with the income. I had nothing big I was looking forward to buying with the money. So, I quickly changed that. I came up with something I wanted to do with the money. Something that was big enough to get me excited. To get that thing, my income has to rise to a particular level. And that got the financial energy levels back up again.

Are you going to let circumstances determine how much you would earn? Or will you decide what you want to earn and then create the circumstances that will produce the money? It’s your choice. You are doing one of the two, whether you think about it or not.

Try my way this month. If you earn based on your productivity (not a fixed salary), decide what you are going to buy from the money you make from this month alone. Make it something big enough that you have always wanted. It has to be something you have an emotional connection to. Then, figure out how much you will have to make to get to buy that thing (along with all the other things you spend money on monthly). That is your income for this month.

What you pick must not be outrageous. You must know that it is possible. For a start, don’t let it be more than 150% of your usual amount. If you are already used to this, you can go bigger. But never think about the money. Only focus on what you are going to buy with that money. You must see yourself in possession of it. Become emotionally connected with that goal.

So, how much are you going to earn this month?

- David

P.S. If you are on a fixed salary, your first goal should be to get where your earning is determined by your productivity. You can negotiate for a part of your salary to be commission-based or start a side business where you earn according to the clients and orders.

P.P.S. I am going to be working with a few businesses for the rest of this year on a commission basis to help increase their revenue and profit. If you like the sound of that for your business, see my website for more details: