Have you ever tried searching your name on Google?

The first time I did it, I didn't like what I saw too. Especially the first result that showed up. Yes, it was me but it wasn't what I wanted a search engine like Google to say about me in a first glance.

I discovered a way to hack this and get the first result of Google to say what I want. And that is what I want to show you today. But first, if you haven't done it before, do this now:

Search your name on Google and see what comes up

You may not like what to see but you need to face it as soon as possible.

Do it now!


I assume you have seen what you look like online. Now, let's talk about the hack. It is LinkedIn.

If you are involved in a serious profession or global business and you do not have a LinkedIn account, I have one question:

Where have you been?

Your online presence matters. LinkedIn is the new CV. And it is more than that. It is a platform where you can connect with business partners from any part of the world. Almost anyone you meet for the first time in business context would want to find out more about you through LinkedIn.

Here is the secret:

If you build a strong LinkedIn account that portrays you well, it will be the first page that comes up when you search your name

However, if you have other famous people who share your name with you, you may still find that your LinkedIn account doesn't make it to the top.

The remedy for this is to introduce a unique twist to your name that makes it stands out. For example, if your name is Michael Jackson, you know Google won't bring you out on the first page. So, you write out your name on LinkedIn as Michael W. Jackson. Or you use 3 names. But the names mustn't be too long. If it is still difficult to set yourself apart, use 2 initials. Like, Michael W. R. Jackson.

Make sure you use LinkedIn to put yourself on the first page of Google results when your name is searched. If you have a website or your company has a website that features you, that would be a great addition. But always remember that any job can be taken away from you, but your LinkedIn account will always be your LinkedIn account. No one can use it or change it on your behalf.

Be smart and give yourself an edge.

- David