Explain what you do in one sentence

Personally, this hasn’t been easy. There are so many things I’m passionate about and to sum it all up in one sentence is hard. This is one thing I am currently working on.

It might take sometime for me the find the perfect one sentence but I am getting more clarity every day.

You need to come up with a one sentence that sums up what you do. This is not just for your business but also for yourself as a brand.

What do you do?

A perfect tagline of what you do consists of three things:

  1. Who you are serving/helping (i.e. the specific group of people)

  2. The result they get from your service (not what you do for them, but what they have as a result of what you do)

  3. Proof or authority

A good tagline looks like this:

I help business owners save thousands in legal fees by creating the right trademark for their business

Who is the person serving? Business owners

What result is the business owner getting? Save thousands in legal fees

What’s the authority? “right trademark”

Come up with something like that for your business

- David