Can I convince you against buying the iPhone 11 Pro?

It is not a new fact that smartphone innovation is coming to a climax. And it would be interesting to watch how the market reacts to it.

About 12 years ago, the world was taken by storm when Steve Jobs announced, “it’s the iPod, it’s a phone, it’s the internet”. That was the launch of the iPhone, which gradually shot Apple to the top of the chain in the smartphone market.

On September 20, Apple unveiled the iPhone 11 Pro. And the only significant difference it has from the previous version is the camera capabilities. The previous versions don’t have poor cameras by any standard. So, what is the selling point of the new iPhone?

The ad for the new iPhone caught my attention. While Apple may not be so much of a genius (anymore) in innovation, they are still killing it when it comes to marketing.

Durability was one of the features showcased in the ad. And I find that puzzling. Why durability now? Maybe Apple is running out of things to improve. But that is not where I want to point your attention to.

Did you notice the faces in the iPhone 11 ad? Watch it again if you didn’t. Notice the faces. Pay attention to their ears.

You see, in marketing, everything is intentional. EVERYTHING!

Notice the color of the bag? The hairstyles? The fingernails? Content of the bag? Everything is intentional. Why? It is simple

Apple isn’t trying to convince you to buy the iPhone, they are trying to show you that you are using the iPhone. You already make up your mind to buy the phone before you consider the specs. If you consider the specs without having a buying bias already, Apple has lost you.

This is why if I try to convince you against buying the iPhone 11 when you have already seen yourself using it, it will be a futile effort.

Business Lesson: In marketing, appeal to emotions first. Logic can come later

- David