Ask for something in return


I received an offer in my email box a few days ago. The offer was very smart. It was those kinds of offers that you see how it is going to play out from afar. But there was a problem.

I could see how it was going to benefit the other person. But I didn’t see how it was going to benefit me in the way I wanted. The emotional trigger was strong but the core benefit was weak. So I did something strange…

I asked for something in return

When people give you an opportunity, don’t be afraid to stretch them further. Those who want to give you one thing can probably afford to give you two. And if you make them pay well to get you, they will value whatever service you render.

Most people don’t see this and value it. If you don’t make yourself valuable and expensive, nobody will see you that way. Yes, some people will walk away and not deal with you but they will get the message that you are among the very top.

Don’t start by asking for big things. Start with simple things and make the stake higher every time.

Now I am thinking of how to do this with offers I have already accepted. You think about it too.

- David

P.S. It was an interview offer. So, yes I am doing interviews now. But now you know I won’t agree to one just because you say “hey, let’s interview you”.

P.S.S. I changed the welcome email of this newsletter. It contains some really valuable information. New subscribers would get it, but since you are already subscribed, this is for you.

3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Position Yourself Better to Earn More Money

  1. Take a professional picture

This is a secret from my book, If you want to be rich, don’t work for money. We live in a world connected by the internet. The first impression people have of you is through your profile picture on all platforms. If you don’t look like a professional in your field, people will generally assume you are not until there is something stronger that proves otherwise. So, take a professional picture and change all your profile picture on all social platform to that one professional picture you took

  1. Cold pitch weekly

Send a cold pitch (or warm pitch) email or message offering value upfront to a stranger every week. Just offer to be of useful service to someone every week. Don’t ask to be paid.

  1. Delete the phone number of loser friends

Just do this. Don’t think about it. If you think a particular friend is a loser and you still talk to the friend, just delete the numbers. If that bothers you too much, change your phone number and only move the credible contacts in your life to your new number. The energy from loser friends will keep you from making money.