Are you at ease?

Consider the way your life is today, would you say that you are at ease? This is a simple yes or no question, so commit to one answer.

If your answer is YES, then you are pretty successful already. Perhaps you are in retirement enjoying the last couple of years of your life.

However, if your answer is NO, congratulations! You are growing.

Comfort is a trap. A famous businessman says if an entrepreneur tells him, ‘we’re doing fine, everything is going smoothly’ then it means that the business is really sinking.

If you don’t have trouble, then you are not thriving

Think about all the successful people and businesses you know today, as you read this, things are NOT going smooth with them.

As I write this, I am riding on a turbulent wave myself. If the wave doesn’t come at you, go find one out there you can ride.

This is the only way to really measure growth.

Let this pill cure something

Till next time,