Answers to Your Questions

Very insightful questions

Thank you to all those who participated in the questionnaire I shared. I feel some of the questions need a straightforward answer. So, I am going to answer a number of them.

Q: How to figure out what you can do well to make money?

A: First, do not focus on the money. You can make money doing anything if you can think outside the box. Focus on what you love doing that is valuable to another person. When you discover what you enjoy doing, then focus on it to become very good at it. Become among the top 10% globally at that skill. Then, position yourself to be at the top. Getting rich is majorly about positioning. About passive incomes, start with one and make it solid. Then, you can start thinking of another.

Q: How happy are you?

A: For me, happiness is not a feeling, rather, it is a state. I live in that state 24/7. If something wants to take me off, I consciously bring myself back.

Q: Affirmations? Do they work to get you where you want to be?

A: The work of affirmations is not to get you where you want to be. It is to keep your mind focused and stayed on the state you want to be. This is why you must feel it every time you say it. Don’t just recite it without any emotions.

Q: How do I convince customers that I'm not just an employee or a freelancer? How do I get their C-suite respect?

A: People take you at face value. Mostly it’s about how you look physically. Dress for success. And speak with confidence. Act like a boss and people will start treating you like one.

Q: Things (results) money (really) can’t buy or produce

A: There is a whole area known as spirituality. I don’t want to laud my beliefs, but apparently money can’t really help you in that area. Money is an amplifier. It amplifies the kind of person you are. Also, money can help with relationships but money can’t make up for having a despicable personality.

Q: You seem to have a mindset that keeps offering fresh perspective. What got you started on the journey you are on and influenced your thinking?

A: I can’t answer that question in detail without going deep into my spiritual beliefs. My thinking is majorly influenced by the books I read and the people I listen to. And also, the things I hear that I disagree with. But I try to turn it into a positive tone.

Q: How to forge a broad and deep (self-gained/learned) knowledge into money? ;-)

A: There are many ways. An online course seems to be the most famous right now. You can write about it on a platform like Medium. You can create your own blogging platform. You can start a podcast or start making videos. There are several options.

Q: Why don't you try to make money from other things not writing?

A: Haha. I do. But first, you should understand that writing is my core skill. Almost everything else I do layers on it somehow. Yes, I make money from other things. That’s why I always talk about “my writing income”. That is different from my total income. I have several business interests. The writing income from Medium is the one I talk about openly. I have writing income that is not from Medium. And I have big business deals also. For example, there is a mining deal (real mining, not cryptocurrency) in which I am a partner. Maybe I’ll write about my crazy journey into that soon. I have investments, although I have taken a break from active investing for many months to focus on improving my earning ability.

Q: It would be great if you could use another blogging platform asides from Medium.

A: I have plans to start rolling out content asides Medium soon. Maybe video. And over the next couple of months, I will be giving myself a better exposure in the real world. I have some good things cooking :)

Q: How to increase income without selling, especially cold.

A: You have to sell something. You are always selling whether you realize it or not. If you learn how to sell cold, you will be very rich. And the way to do it is to know how to warm up prospects. You don’t walk up to people and start asking them for money. Have a system. Develop rapport. Understand people’s pain before you pitch them anything. Don’t go with the mind of selling things to people. Go with the mind of being their link to the next level they want. If they don’t want what you sell, then you will figure out a way to sell what they want.

Q: How do you prioritize your revenue-generating activities? I love mindset stuff and what not but I find I spend too much time 3-4 days a week on figuring out "what to work on" than actually doing work.

A: Just do it. Don’t think too much about anything you want to do. It is a habit you develop. The moment you think about doing things, just do it. Successful people make decisions very fast and change it very slowly if they ever change it at all. Make a habit of doing things the moment you think about it. Do it and move on. “Thinking” about what you want to do is a trap of poverty. Start before you are ready. Do the thing and you will get the energy to do the thing. Don’t wait till you have the energy.


That’s all for now. I hope you learned something

- David