A really dumb way to make $10,000 a month

I am gradually rechanneling my mind to think more about capturing the market and not about products and services. It hurts initially to come to terms with the fact that the market doesn’t care about your genius.

Maybe because we have been taught wrongly. We make and then, think of selling. Some time back, I shared that you should capture the market before you come up with any kind of product. How has that been going for you?

Anyway, I want to talk about money today. You could call it: how to make money. However, it is for the “not-so-smart” but bold. Let me get into the background story of this.

Some days back, a couple of my junior friends officially got into the “labor market”. And I knew the country has nothing good to offer these guys. So I thought of a business model that they could work out and… well, make some good money!

So I borrowed an idea from the book I was reading at the moment (I’ll tell you more about that later) and it sounded great to me.

Now, these my friends are not like me. They are neither internet savvy nor word merchants. They also do not share my interests in marketing and copywriting. (Have I ever even explained what I do?)

So, here is the big idea: SELLING!

Go out to businesses and companies, find out what they would like to sell but have trouble offloading, then go find a buyer. The buyer gives his price, and then go to the disgruntled seller and bargain a price that would be of benefit.

Imagine this, a company says they would like to sell a piece of furniture. We look at it and take pictures. We find a buyer and get the buyer’s price. Let’s say the buyer agrees $300. Then we come to the seller and inquire how much the seller will willingly part with the furniture. Then the seller says $200.

Can you begin to see where this is going?

We might incur transport costs or in some cases even make the seller pay for it. That is because it is the seller that wants to get rid of the furniture. Maybe they just imported a new one from Taiwan. So, our profit is $100 (#36,500). Not bad.

But imagine if you can get a $2,000 margin. And make 5 trades in a month. That is $10,000 (#3.65M).

Isn’t that a nifty way to make money?

- David

P.S. If you are the bold type and you really want to make money, you should start walking into big offices and asking them what they will like to sell.

P.S.S. Don’t forget to ask what they won’t mind buying at a good deal.