26 things I have "failed" at thus far

Let me begin by making my point:

Failure is not a destination!

I don’t consider the things I am about to list as “failures”. I don’t even think about them. There are some I am realizing just now that they should be under this classification. Guess why? I move on quick!

I hope this will encourage you more than any pep talk I could craft out. Here are 26 things I have “failed” at thus far:

  1. A digital magazine

  2. Self-publishing

  3. Podcasting

  4. A group dedicated to inventions

  5. Book publishing through literary agents

  6. Social network (I called it Utalk)

  7. Crypto trading (before I understood it)

  8. An ICO with a remote team

  9. Printed t-shirt concept

  10. Talent discovery (for football)

  11. Health and fitness startup

  12. Work with a VC firm

  13. An eBook concept

  14. Member of a tech firm

  15. Social media manager for a particular celebrity

  16. Work for a crypto firm

  17. A mobile app

  18. Engineering software

  19. Ubox (a concept company)

  20. Bitcoin mining

  21. Medium partner program (before I understood CM)

  22. A bitcoin book

  23. A funny social media account

  24. Systemized betting

  25. Charity organization

  26. Researcher for a big firm

This is by no means all I have tried. It is all I can recall for now. And for most of them, I quit because I found that it wasn’t the best expression of my time and life that I wanted.

Also, if you noticed all of those things are in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, communication, and investing. Right now, my focus is on something I should have mastered before any of those, and that is marketing.

I have no deep regrets or negative emotions about all these things that didn’t work out and you shouldn’t about yours too!


- David