2020 Recession: What happens next?

The new phase; it is a good time to...

Gradually, attention is getting shifted away from the virus outbreak. But not before it has destroyed the world economy. Now that we are near its end, new facts are beginning to surface which I believe should make people ask serious questions. But I doubt if that will be mainstream because we are already moving into another economic phase.

Business is gradually reopening. And many are going to find out that there is no business as usual. If you run a business, you either have to run the most amazing marketing campaign when you resume or you may not have a business anymore. Let me explain.

We are entering a phase of instability. It is a new stage in the economic calendar. From June to September will be a time of serious instability. Nobody really knows for sure how the world is going to respond after the ordeal it has gone through. Will people stay at home more or will people go out more? Will travel pickup or travel will be slow? These are very important questions that affect several businesses.

The lesson here is that it is still too early to push your reopened business out there. However, it is a good time to start a new one. This is a time to study the market.

If you are going to run a marketing campaign, don’t talk about what you do or sell. Instead, talk about how you think life should be. Encourage the lifestyle that will automatically boost your business. Then, watch how people respond.

Anyway, that’s all I have today. Regardless of your entrepreneur level, be ready to take advantage of the business opportunities that come with instability.

It is a good time to run marketing campaigns that become the talk of the town.


- David