I had the best weekend ever

Learned some pretty amazing things

Everybody has been talking about a 2020 recession and I have to be honest with you, I have not experienced it. Instead, my income has grown in the past few months and I am just creating more sources of income.

What about you?

You have to make up your mind not to participate in the recession. This is the best time to make money. People are more aware of their problems now more than ever. Create a solution and bring it to the marketplace.

Anyway, I had an amazing weekend. I was at a 3-day weekend seminar by the Proctor Gallagher Institute. The program is called Paradigm Shift. And damn, it was a phenomenal experience. The event was 100% virtual and my thinking was really shaken.

Many of the things I heard, I was not hearing it for the first time. I have understood the principle of repetition and how I need it to change my mindset to affect my results. From the very first day, ideas just kept popping into my mind and I was just taking action on it instantly. Now, I am forming a habit of instant action. If you have read my book at least once already, you know the name I call that.

Should I tell you the name or just tell you to get the book? 🤔

Well since you already know what the concept is, I’ll just tell you to get the book if you want to know what I call it.

One major thing I got from the seminar to add to my daily routine is gratitude. Write down a list of 10 things you are grateful for every morning. It doesn’t look like much, but it can make a huge difference in the results you get.

I can go on and on. But I need to keep this email simple and crisp. Try the gratitude thing.

- David

Amazon rejected my book...

This is the whole story

For 2 weeks I was in a battle with Amazon concerning the publishing of my book. Early in June, the book was ready to be published. I had done my part. But I didn’t expect what came afterward.

The book was based on a simple idea. My Medium articles are quite popular and they are very insightful. Oftentimes I would read it and be inspired like I wasn’t the one who wrote it. But there was one problem, people would just read and move on. How is that a problem?

I figured out that the secret of success is not information. Instead, the secret is in the repetition of insightful information. We think we know something when we see it the first time. But when you read a second and third time, you are just beginning to uncover life-changing facts.

Most people wouldn’t care about what they have read or seen before. But if you want a piece of information to change your life, especially if you have strong habits in the opposing direction, you need repetition. You need to read it again and again until it controls your behavior.

Just because you can quote something doesn’t mean you understand it. If you can’t explain something to a kid, you really don’t understand it. If you don’t understand a concept, it cannot change your behavior.

How successful you are is a product of what you repeat

This is why I put together a bunch of my top articles from the first quarter of the year in a book. I am allowing people to get a repeat of the information into their minds without any distractions. But Amazon rightfully challenged me.

I had to prove that I am the copyright owner of the content since a significant portion of it is available online. And the battle began.

I kept sending proofs to Amazon and they were denied. The most interesting part was that the book was going to be permanently blocked from being published after 5 days of no proof. But I kept trying. I had put in too much effort into the project for it to fail.

Even though it is self-publishing, I was rejected 4 times. And I had to wait for days before Amazon would reply. But finally, I found a way that worked. I wrote Amazon a letter from my Medium account as an article. That was when they finally believed me.

It was such a relief.

You have probably read one or more of the chapters of the book as an article. So, I am not trying to tell you something you have not heard before. I am only trying to let you take it seriously. I guess that reading an article (I wrote) made you feel inspired. But rereading the information in a book is what makes that mindset change.

Check out the book here

There are two takeaways from this post:

  1. You must always have a way to prove that you are the copyright owner of your content or intellectual property

  2. Change comes from repetition and not from a one-time inspiration


- David

P.S. This is the first place I am sharing the book. The purpose is not to get you to buy the book. This book is one of the smartest things anyone can do with $20. The content and value far outweigh that price. The real stuff I value (in exchange for the book) is a good review. Thanks

Did you read my prediction?

If yes, what have you done with the advantage?

A few weeks back I predicted that there is going to be something else that will be disturbing after the coronavirus. Then, later I said June to September will be a time of instability. Now you have seen what has happened since then. It is almost like the virus outbreak didn’t happen this year.

It is far from over. These are very tense times. You will either go through it and emerge as a winner or you go through it and emerge as a weakling. It is up to you.

A few people close to me have used this period to quit their jobs and focus on building their own business. This is the best time to start something new. In the developed world, this is a fantastic time to take money from banks.

There are going to be two categories of people after this crisis. Those who are beaten down and those who are victors. There will be no in-between. You must make up your mind to be among the victors before all this is over. By December, this window of opportunity would have closed.

Make a radical shift in the way you earn money this period. If you don’t make any change, something will change and you will end up with the short end of the stick.

In times of chaos, there is an abundance of opportunity. Don’t let the media fool you.

- David

P.S. The book is not out yet. Some last-minute issues came up. Amazon’s response has been quite slow. I hope to get favorable news from them very soon. It’s a long story. I’ll tell you about it sometime in the near future.

P.P.S. If you want to communicate with me, your best chance is LinkedIn. Send me a connection request and add a note with the request. I am more likely to accept a connection with a note than one without a note. Here is my LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidolarinoye/

One word that gives sales a massive surge

A smart marketing tactic

Selling is not a hard job. But it is also not simple. A marketing expert can solve a sales problem in minutes. There are other problems that take years to figure out.

Becoming a pioneer in business is not an admirable thing from a marketing perspective. That is because the business gets to bear all the failures of trying something for the first time.

Gary Halbert said, “You want to be selling a better version of something that is already selling”.

The first problem of marketing is what you are selling. Many fail in sales not because they cannot properly articulate their offer. Rather, they fail because they are not selling the right thing. Think about that for a second.

What is the one word that gives sales a massive surge? Before I mention it, you need to understand that it is not about the word but about the concept. In marketing, there is a saying:

It is not about the thing, rather it is about the thing that sells the thing

The word is “ONLY”. What can you boast that your product or service is the ONLY? Separating what you do from what everybody else does is an important element in marketing.

And like I said, this is not about claiming your stuff is the ONLY of something when everybody knows that it is not. Instead, it must be a fact verifiable by anybody. If you want to experience business success like no other, you need to be the only one at something.

Then, you use this again and again in your marketing. Let people know that your business is their only option for a very specific need. Find out what you do that no one else does (and that is very hard for someone else to copy).

Take a look at these two examples:

  • The best restaurant in downtown Los Angeles

  • The only Mexican restaurant in downtown Los Angeles that operates 24-7

Which one do you think people will remember more easily? Think about using the word “ONLY” in your marketing. First, become it, then say it.

- David

P.S. My first book should be out by the time you are reading this. But I’ll talk about it next week

2020 Recession: What happens next?

The new phase; it is a good time to...

Gradually, attention is getting shifted away from the virus outbreak. But not before it has destroyed the world economy. Now that we are near its end, new facts are beginning to surface which I believe should make people ask serious questions. But I doubt if that will be mainstream because we are already moving into another economic phase.

Business is gradually reopening. And many are going to find out that there is no business as usual. If you run a business, you either have to run the most amazing marketing campaign when you resume or you may not have a business anymore. Let me explain.

We are entering a phase of instability. It is a new stage in the economic calendar. From June to September will be a time of serious instability. Nobody really knows for sure how the world is going to respond after the ordeal it has gone through. Will people stay at home more or will people go out more? Will travel pickup or travel will be slow? These are very important questions that affect several businesses.

The lesson here is that it is still too early to push your reopened business out there. However, it is a good time to start a new one. This is a time to study the market.

If you are going to run a marketing campaign, don’t talk about what you do or sell. Instead, talk about how you think life should be. Encourage the lifestyle that will automatically boost your business. Then, watch how people respond.

Anyway, that’s all I have today. Regardless of your entrepreneur level, be ready to take advantage of the business opportunities that come with instability.

It is a good time to run marketing campaigns that become the talk of the town.


- David

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