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Making an extra income

How many sources of income do you have? Think about it

Currently, I have 5 and my goal is to get it to double figures before the end of the year. Most people have one. And sometimes that one is on a shaky foundation.

Rich people have multiple sources of income. You should have multiple sources of income. Make up your mind you are going to. Make the decision and you will find a way to get it done. You will not see the way until you make the decision.

I have a new ebook that I am sharing only with you who are subscribed here. The book is:

Your First Side-Income

The purpose of the book is to give you the rhythm and pattern of how to land your first side-income. It is a very short book filled with insight specifically for that purpose.

The ebook is going to be free on Amazon today. I can’t make the book free permanently on Amazon. I have to pick specific dates for that. So, I can only promise you that the book will be free today.

If you really want to create a side-income for yourself, get the book and read it through once a week. If anyone practices what is in the book, it shouldn’t take up to 3 months before they land their first side-income.

Here is the book link again:

The book is only free today. I can’t promise that there will be a “next” opportunity. If you hesitate now, you will have no choice but to buy it later. The content is short but very rich.

I got my first side-income a few years ago, and I have never stopped creating side-incomes. In fact, I have watched a side-income grow into a main-income. You’ll find the story in the book.


- David

Ask for something in return


I received an offer in my email box a few days ago. The offer was very smart. It was those kinds of offers that you see how it is going to play out from afar. But there was a problem.

I could see how it was going to benefit the other person. But I didn’t see how it was going to benefit me in the way I wanted. The emotional trigger was strong but the core benefit was weak. So I did something strange…

I asked for something in return

When people give you an opportunity, don’t be afraid to stretch them further. Those who want to give you one thing can probably afford to give you two. And if you make them pay well to get you, they will value whatever service you render.

Most people don’t see this and value it. If you don’t make yourself valuable and expensive, nobody will see you that way. Yes, some people will walk away and not deal with you but they will get the message that you are among the very top.

Don’t start by asking for big things. Start with simple things and make the stake higher every time.

Now I am thinking of how to do this with offers I have already accepted. You think about it too.

- David

P.S. It was an interview offer. So, yes I am doing interviews now. But now you know I won’t agree to one just because you say “hey, let’s interview you”.

P.S.S. I changed the welcome email of this newsletter. It contains some really valuable information. New subscribers would get it, but since you are already subscribed, this is for you.

3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Position Yourself Better to Earn More Money

  1. Take a professional picture

This is a secret from my book, If you want to be rich, don’t work for money. We live in a world connected by the internet. The first impression people have of you is through your profile picture on all platforms. If you don’t look like a professional in your field, people will generally assume you are not until there is something stronger that proves otherwise. So, take a professional picture and change all your profile picture on all social platform to that one professional picture you took

  1. Cold pitch weekly

Send a cold pitch (or warm pitch) email or message offering value upfront to a stranger every week. Just offer to be of useful service to someone every week. Don’t ask to be paid.

  1. Delete the phone number of loser friends

Just do this. Don’t think about it. If you think a particular friend is a loser and you still talk to the friend, just delete the numbers. If that bothers you too much, change your phone number and only move the credible contacts in your life to your new number. The energy from loser friends will keep you from making money.

Not so sure if this will help...

More answers to your questions

A few weeks back, I answered a few questions on the survey I shared here. I figured that answering more of them is necessary. Some of the questions carry great lessons that you should be aware of.

I am not so sure if this will help you, but if you pay attention you should pick up something useful.

Question: Top 10 things you teach kids about abundance. I have 2 toddlers and want them to be free of scarcity thinking.

Answer: I’ll give you 5 and point you to some articles I have written in the past.

  1. Let them get used to calling big amounts of money without restraints

  2. Get them involved when you do your budgeting and/or accounting

  3. Expose them to good financial materials for kids. An example is Rich Dad’s cashflow game for kids. Or playing the game of monopoly with real money

  4. Make them pitch for what they want you to buy for them

  5. Never tell them NO for anything they want. Instead, give them something they can do to earn it. If you don’t have something on your head instantly, just tell them you will get back to them.

I have written two great articles about this previously:

  1. 7 things the rich teach their kids that regular people don’t

  2. Learn how to teach your kids about money and set them up for financial success

Question: How did you really do it? None of the motivational bullshit. How exactly?

Answer: I don’t consider what I do motivation. This is my world and my life. I wrote a post that really answers this question:

7 boring millionaire baby-steps. No motivation

In fact, I had this question in mind when I wrote that post. The short answer is this: You just do. Don’t think about it, just do it. Do it fast and move on to the next. Stop waiting to feel like doing it. I currently do not feel like typing this. But I am doing it anyway. Do what you ought to.

Question: How does one cope after starting and failing at a business you put all your money into

Answer: First, don’t ever make that mistake again. Don’t put all your money into a business. In fact, you should not put any of your money into your business. Let the financial institutions (or investors) fund the business or let the business fund itself. That is one of the key insights in my book.

How do you cope? Just pull yourself together and start figuring stuff out. Figure out the flow of money around you and think of how you can plug into that flow. Look like a business person, and talk to people who are heavy hitters in the game of money. Never sit down to feel sorry about yourself.

When you fall, don’t wait till you hit the ground before you start running again.

Question: What was your reasoning for starting this journey?

Answer: I didn’t really think about it. It is just something wired into me. Even before I made any money, I have been trying to help people in this area. And I love studying it. I have been a serious student of business and money since my second year at the university. Although, my interest got quickened when I read 2 books a few years prior; Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Richest Man In Babylon

Question: In your book, you mentioned surrounding yourself by positive triggers and that rich people remove negative associations. I think this is true to an extent, but there are also stories like Warren Buffet who named his entire company based off of his biggest risk/failure as a reminder. I think this is still in the spirit of what you were saying, but it would be interesting to know if there are any similar stories like that- using negative reinforcement not for a rich mindset, but to make better deals going forward.

Answer: That idea is very valid. But it must be used very carefully. There are some contexts where concepts like that thrive. But they can become mental sabotage in another context.

It is often called the power of negative preparation. But you must already be in the place where you want to be before applying that. If you start applying that at the early, aspiring stage, it will frustrate your efforts to get rich.

You only plug your leaks when you have a bucket full of water. If you don’t have a bucket or you have not gotten to the spring of water, it would be senseless to be focused on plugging your leaks. I hope you get the point.


That is all for now. I hope you found something useful.

- David

I didn't want to recommend this...

Two great videos I have watched more than once

I didn’t want to recommend this because I don’t know how you feel about the people in these videos. I don’t necessarily like or hate them (I have not met them personally, so I don’t know them). I just bond with their truthful message.

Cast aside your preconceived notions if you have any. Your decision to watch these videos is my assumption that you have decided to watch it with an open mind. Not just an open mind, but also a mind that is ready to learn.

Combined, the videos are less than 20 minutes long. But they will shake your mentality. Be prepared for that. Maybe you will have to watch more than once. Maybe more than thrice.

Video 1

Video 2


P.S. I said I was going to share something with you last week. The theory behind it is in this LinkedIn article.

Nobody will pay you $50K/month unless...

People don't get paid big amounts, they earn it

I was talking to a friend last week. We were discussing how much top global organizations pay their highly skilled workers. It dawned on both of us that it is not a lot of money. How?

We were comparing the amount to choice real estate in good places and it seems even the top earners can’t afford them. Many of these people take a mortgage to afford the home they really want. That made me think about something:

At what stage do you get paid $50K a month?

Just so you know, that is $600K per year. At what stage do people get paid that amount? You know the answer, don’t you?

Those are amounts for people in managerial positions. Rarely, any skill is going to get you to make that. Do you remember the idea in my book about getting rich? Never forget it. How much money you will make is not in proportion to how much work you do. Therefore, if you are paid by your work, you have already been dealt the short end of the stick.

Well, I found out a way to earn $50K a month without 30 years of experience in a Fortune 500 company. And the concept is very simple. Negotiate your pay such that you are paid by results.

If you have a fixed salary and you are on a career ladder, nobody will think of paying you $50K a month until you come very well up the ladder. But a company will be willing to pay you 10% if you help them generate an extra $500K in revenue in a month.

Think about that for a minute.

There must be a way you can apply this principle to what you are doing. Think about it.

Nobody will pay you $50K per month unless you are paid on a commission basis (which is on contract) and you deliver results that get your commission up to that amount.

Have some form of your work or business on a commission basis. This is the key to big money fast.

- David

P.S. I am experiencing these words at the moment “when you begin to move towards your goals, your goals begin to move towards you”. I’ll share more next week.

P.P.S. I am opening up my schedule on Thursdays for people to pick my brain. Ask me anything on chat, and I will be happy to engage with you. I’m dedicating my Skype account for this, only on Thursdays. My ID is live:davidolarinoye

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