Something really fired my mind up this week ...

How $27M turned into $2.6B

I take conspiracy theories with a grain of salt. But I don’t ignore patterns. If the coincidences are lining up perfectly, I believe there are players involved.

There is one thing you can count on in this world. And that is entropy. Things will always get as disorganized as they can get. But wherever you find organization, people are involved.

I was fired up this week reading the story of an investor who made a bet based on this coronavirus issue and made billions. His name is Bill Ackman. His bet was $27M, and he gained $2.6B.

His bet was based on the fact that the coronavirus would tank the US stock market. And it did. You can read more details of the story here.

His story really fired me up because it showed that the gameplay during this downturn is starting to show results. Don’t get boxed up into your own world thinking the whole world is at a standstill. This is not true.

This is the greatest opportunity to make huge money since 2008. You may not be able to place bets on the stock exchange (and I do not recommend that). But there is certainly something you can do to give your business an advantage during this period. Don’t be too lazy.

This is the time to read, think, study and take action. Don’t sleep on this chance.

- David

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